New Website!

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website.

The static site generator I used for my old site seemed minimally difficult to maintain, but given that I didn’t update my site very often, I still had to relearn how to use it each time I made a change. Then the software got an update which meant that I would have had to restructure everything to get it working again. I could have done that, and I probably would have enjoyed it (I don’t mind learning a little web dev, in small doses) but instead I’ve decided to use WordPress, so that the maintenance time will from now on be minimal.

This sort of thing has happened before, and I’ve realized the importance of separating out interest in the tools from interest in the project. My main priority is that my website work, and be low-maintenance. Thus, interesting tools are probably not the right choice for this project, as interesting tools tend to be higher maintenance (to be more precise, tools I find interesting tend to be tools I don’t already know well). Which isn’t to say I won’t do projects with tools I don’t know well. Some projects won’t require upkeep, others might be interesting primarily because of the tools that are needed. But with each project, I need to weigh my goals carefully.

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